Top 10 Best Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces of 2020 – Reviews


The problem with traditional fireplaces that burn wood is that they end up sending a considerable amount of heat up the chimney—which is a pretty big waste. Direct vent gas fireplaces are different, however. These models use outdoor air for combustion, instead of the inside air, and that creates a convection-type of heat distribution that’s more energy-efficient and helps to keep homes warmer.

And since they come in a variety of different models, there’s one for every type of home. Below are some of the ten best models currently available and what they have to offer to someone thinking about purchasing one of these fireplaces.

Best Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces, Reviews

#10 Empire Tahoe Deluxe 32” Fireplace

Empire Tahoe Deluxe 32” Fireplace

Whether you’re at a log cabin in the woods or in a suburban neighborhood, this Empire Tahoe Deluxe Fireplace really gives you that rustic, real fire experience with the five-piece log set inside and realistic flames. Although this fireplace is only  32-inches it’s pretty efficient and can produce quite a bit of heat. It can burn up to 18,000 BTUs with 83% efficiency.


  • Heat efficient
  • Compact size
  • Rustic appearance
  • Easy to install


  • Flame can be on the smaller size

#9 Majestic Quartz 32-Inch Fireplace

Majestic Quartz 32-Inch Fireplace

Anyone looking to give their home a more modern looking fireplace would be well off taking a look at this product. It has a nice modern design that should fit in with just about anyone’s decor, and it does it for a reasonable price. It can be purchased in either a top or rear vent model, and it can provide up to 21,000 BTU of heat using natural gas.

It can be used as a primary fireplace in the home, or it can be used for supplemental heating as the homeowner sees fit and depending on the size of the home.


  • Produces a lot of heat
  • Easy to install
  • Remote operated


  • Better for heating smaller homes

#8 Majestic Quartz Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Majestic Quartz Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

This fireplace completely fits into any decor style with its contemporary design. It’s a low-cost option that is very well made and offers electronic ignition, a slim depth, and incredibly easy to install. It’s already wired for a wall switch and produces 20,000 to 28,500 BTU’s of Natural Gas keeping your home nice and warm all Winter long.


  • Contemporary Design
  • Low-Cost
  • Pre-wired for wall switch


  • Rear or top venting sold separately
  • Switch not included

#7 GMHome 40 Inch Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

GMHome 40 Inch Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

GMHome are a well-known brand for having some of the top fireplaces out there and for good reason. Similar to the 50” model that has made it higher up on our Top 10 list, this 40” version has almost the exact same capabilities, but at a smaller size. It’s intended to be wall-mounted but comes with additional legs if you’re looking for more of a freestanding fireplace. It doesn’t use gas or oil, and is smokeless with the use of 3D flame technology to heat your room. With the option for no heat, this fireplace is something that you can use year-round to perfectly set the mood at any time of the year.


  • Easy installation
  • Customizable options, color-changing flames and heat control
  • No heat option available


  • Artificial looking flames
  • Produces more noise than other fireplaces

#6 Empire Comfort Systems Tahoe 42-Inch

Empire Comfort Systems Tahoe 42-Inch

This 42-inch natural gas-powered fireplace is approximately 43.18-inches wide, 37.68-inches high, and 17.75-inches deep and comes with a number of accessories that make it an even better value. It comes with ceramic fiber logs, a blower, a burner, and a barrier screen. And since it can provide up to 20,000 BTU of heat, it’s ready to provide much-needed heat.


  • Can be vented at the top or at rear
  • Great value
  • Powerful
  • Additonal accessories


  • No freestanding options available

#5 Majestic Oxford Direct Gas Stove

Majestic Oxford Direct Gas Stove

If you’re looking for that classic, wood-burning fireplace design, this is a great option for you. This fireplace is compact and can fit into just about any space with its 23″ (W) x 12.5″ (D) x 28.38″ (H) dimensions. It uses Natural Gas and has a capacity of heating up to 1200 square feet. With being remotely operated, you can control and adjust this fireplace from just about anywhere inside your home.


  • Classic design that compliments any style
  • Remote operation


  • May require servicing over time

#4 GMHome Electric Fireplace

GMHome Electric Fireplace

This GMHome Electric Fireplace is great regardless if you’re looking for a fireplace mounted on the wall or free-standing. It has a very large 60-inch display which makes it an automatic focal point for your room and truly makes a statement. It’s CETL Certified which means it’s safe to be around kids and pets, it has safety features to ensure it won’t overheat and is incredibly easy to install.


  • Available for both wall-mounted and freestanding
  • Customizable options when it comes to colors and heat settings
  • Remote control panel
  • Hassle-free installation


  • Can be noisier than other fireplaces
  • Heat settings aren’t as powerful

#3 Majestic Quartz Vent Natural Gas Fireplace

Majestic Quartz Vent Natural Gas Fireplace

The fireplace is perfect for entry-level homes with its affordable price tag. With custom options available, this fireplace can be the fireplace of your dreams without breaking the bank. It’s a mixture of traditional and contemporary to fit just any style, has electric ignition and produces about 15,000 to 21,000 BTU’s of Natural Gas.


  • Pre-wired for wall switch
  • Low-cost fireplace
  • Easy to install design


  • Top or rear venting sold separately
  • Switch not included

#2 Empire Tahoe Deluxe 36-Inch

Empire Tahoe Deluxe 36-Inch

This Empire Tahoe fireplace may have the most appropriate name of all time. Sitting in front of it certainly makes a person feel like there at Lake Tahoe, nice and warm at a ski resort. This 36-inch fireplace is also capable of producing serious heat. It can produce up to 20,000 BTU of heat and has a listed efficiency rating of 83%. And since it has a compact design that’s only 16-inches, it won’t take up a whole lot of space and is easier to install.


  • Very efficient
  • Powerful heating
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install


  • Can take a while to be delivered

#1 Touchstone Sideline Steel Electric Fireplace

Touchstone Sideline Steel Electric Fireplace

This fireplace has everything you would ever want when it comes to a fireplace. It’s designed for in-wall installation so mounting it is incredibly simple with the easy-to-follow instruction guide. It’s 50-inches and has two heat settings, high and low which allow you to enjoy a fire year-round. With the realistic flame with color-changing options, you can set the mood with this quality fireplace easily.


  • Customizable with heat, color options, and brightness settings
  • Easy to install on wall
  • Realistic Flame


  • Louder than some other fireplaces


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