Top 10 Best Electric Fireplace Inserts of 2021 – Reviews


Anyone who has an unused fireplace they want to use again may want to consider getting an electric fireplace insert to place within it. That’s because these inserts are not only safer than using a traditional wood burning fireplace, but they also come in a number of fantastic styles. Regardless of whether you choose a plug-in insert, a log-style one or go with a built-in model, these products are extremely useful.

Of course, before you can buy one of these devices, you first have to decide which one is actually the best one available. Although defining the best one is primarily done by comparing the product’s features against the needs of the homeowner, we’ve gone ahead and listed ten models that we feel are some of the better ones currently available.

Best Electric Fireplace Inserts, Reviews

#10 Best Choice Products 28.5-Inch Insert

Best Choice Products 28 5-Inch Insert

This electric fireplace insert is easy to install and requires no assembly. Although it does require a junction box for hard-wired installed, that can easily be done by a professional technician. However, if a hard-wired installation isn’t desired, this product can also be plugged in.

Once installed, this CSA-certified vent-free insert is easily controlled by the user using the included remote. Not only can the heat level of this product be adjusted but so can its log flame effects which can be adjusted to one of five different levels of brightness. And for safety, it’s installed with overheat protection that automatically shuts off the unit.

#9 Classic Flame 36EB110-GRT 36-Inch Insert

Classic Flame Traditional Insert

Providing up to 4,400 BTU of supplemental zone heating and with flame effects that can be used with or without the heat, this insert is just about suitable for anyone. Regardless of whether the homeowner wants additional heating for a 400-square foot room or simply want to enjoy beautiful flame lighting effects, then this insert is ready to satisfy.

It features a remote and a wall mounted thermostat that can be easily set by the home and its flame effects feature five different brightness settings. This unit is also equipped with a timer function which can turn off the fireplace anywhere from 30-minutes to 9-hours of it being set.

#8 Pleasant Hearth LH-24 Electric Insert

Pleasant Hearth LH-24 Electric Insert

Designed to fit into most existing fireplaces, including not only pre-fabricated models but also traditional masonry fireplaces, this product is a safer alternative to burning logs of wood. It produces realistic flame effects that mimic glowing logs and it fan-force air heater provides up to 4,600 BTU of heat.

Of course, the unit can be used with or without the heater depending on whether the homeowner needs the supplemental heating or simply wants to enjoy the show. The supplemental heating of this unit can cover an area up to 400 square feet and can be easily controlled with its included remote control.

#7 Regal Flame 23-Inch Ventless Insert

Regal Flame 23-Inch Ventless Insert

One of the things that make this insert extremely useful is that it can be used in a variety of different ways. It can be used as a free-standing unit, or it can be used in a defunct wood fireplace or used to replace a gas log fireplace insert.

This allows it to be used by just about anyone who wants to enjoy the safe and friendly fire of an electric fireplace. This product uses top-notch LED technology to produce a beautiful and realistic flame that can be enjoyed by the entire family. It can also be used to generate up to 5,900 BTU of heat, which is enough to cover up to 450 square feet of a home.

#6 Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Insert

Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Insert

This electric log insert is designed to be installed into the homeowners existing firebox to replicate the beauty and the heat of a real fire. Once installed, this product has 5 different brightness levels that use efficient LED technology to create a glowing ember bed and to project a realistic dancing flame onto the home’s own firebox walls.

It’s dancing yellow flame effect can be used with or without heat to great effect. When used with its heat function on, this unit is capable of producing up to 4,600 BTUs of fan-forced heat. More than enough energy to provide supplemental heating for a 400-square foot room.

#5 Ashley Furniture Signature Design Insert

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Insert

Even though most electric fireplace inserts are designed to be placed into fireboxes, there are exceptions to this rule, and this insert is such an exception. It’s designed to be placed into select entertainment center units and television stands instead of being placed into defunct wood burning fireplaces.

It’s equipped with six different pre-set temperature settings which are capable of providing supplemental heating for a room up to 400 square feet in size. It also produces a brilliant and realistic flame effect that’s powered by its LED display. All of which enable this to become a cozy focal point of any room.

#4 Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Heater

Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Heater

This quality 5,200 BTU heater is designed to be placed into a traditional firebox and to provide up to 1,000 square feet of home with supplemental heating. However, this insert isn’t just a very reliable and safe form of heat. It also produces a beautiful flame effect that really has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

This unit’s flame effects feature rolling and pulsating action that’s projected onto the home’s firebox walls and feature a realistic log set with ember bed effects. As is usually the case, these flame effects can be used with or without heat, and they’re easily controlled with this unit’s remote control.

#3 PuraFlame 26-Inch Western Fireplace Insert

PuraFlame 26-Inch Western Fireplace Insert

This beautiful fireplace insert is approximately 27.95-inches long, 8.78-inches wide and 24.61-inches high. Its size is substantial enough to suit most people’s needs but not too big that it won’t fit into a standard fireplace. This unit features resin logs which have a very life-like appearance to them, an ember bed and three different types of flame.

The simulated flames on this unit have variable brightness and intensity, and they can be used either with or without heat. It’s capable of providing supplemental heating for up to 400 square feet of home and is very easy to install or uninstall when necessary.

#2 PuraFlame 33-Inch Western Insert

PuraFlame 33-Inch Western Insert

This quality insert uses LED technology to produce a flame that’s not only realistic and beautiful to watch but is also energy efficient. This flame effect can be used with or without heat, so it can be used all year round with great effect.

It has an adjustable thermostat for adjusting the temperature, and it has a remote control that can be used to control it. This fireplace features life-like resin logs, a realistic looking ember bed and is capable of producing three different types of flames. These flames are adjustable according to both intensity and brightness, depending upon the homeowner’s preferences.

#1 R.W. Flame 36-Inch Insert

RW Flame 36-Inch Insert

This beautiful electric fireplace insert model not only produces an exquisitely beautiful simulated flame but it also has a number of features which make it extremely customizable. This unit not only has 5 different flame modes but it also has 4 different flame and burning log color modes.

It also has 5 different flame levels that can be used to great effect. Having the ability to change all of these options gives the homeowner the ability to truly make this insert their own. This unit also has 2 different heat settings, which are capable of providing up to 400 square feet of supplemental heating to the home.


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