Top 10 Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands of 2021 – Reviews


Electric fireplace TV stands not only prevents the homeowner from having to buy a media center and an electric fireplace separately but also creates a beautiful focal point for any living room. And although some of the models of the past were bulky and not as stylish as they could’ve been, the models created today are beautiful and work extremely well with modern flat-screen televisions.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things worth considering when purchasing one of these stands. After all, the homeowner who intends on purchasing one of these stands has probably spent as much, or even more, on their televisions, so they want to buy a model that won’t let them down. Which is why we’ve listed the best electric fireplace television stands currently available.

Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands, Reviews

#10 WE Furniture 48-Inch Corner Stand

WE Furniture 48-Inch Corner Stand

With a corner design that allows it to fit into smaller rooms more easily, this high-quality electric fireplace TV stand is ideal for anyone who needs a place for their 48-inch television. It’s constructed with a white-oak design and is made from high-grade laminate and MDF construction.

This product is durable enough to hold up to 250-pounds of weight and has double safety glass tempered doors. It comes with a beautiful electric fireplace insert that gives a beautiful electric simulated fire that can be used either with the heat feature on or with the heat feature off, so it can be used in any climate.

#9 Ameriwood Home Carver 60-Inch Stand

Ameriwood Home Carver 60-Inch Stand

This stand can accommodate a television up to a 60-inch flat TV or up to 95-pounds of total weight. It includes a 23-inch electric fireplace insert that has four different touch panel settings, Altra Flame built-in reflectors and it comes with remote control.

This unit’s firebox can easily heat a 400 square-foot room and has a nice design that’s made with black laminated particleboard and MDF. This unit easily plugs into any standard outlet, so it can be easily placed anywhere in your living room or study. On both sides of the fireplace insert are cabinets for storing books or decorative items.

#8 Ameriwood Home Manchester 70-Inch Stand

Ameriwood Home Manchester 70-Inch Stand

This TV stand has a modern design that goes well with just about any decor and is manufactured using a combination of black laminated MDF and particleboard. It’s large enough to accommodate a television that’s up to 70-inches wide and up to 135-pounds. It has a 23-inch metal electric fireplace insert that can easily be controlled with the unit’s remote.

Along both sides of the firebox are 4 open shelves that can be used to accommodate anything from Blue-Rays to books to decorative items or even a gaming system. And not only does this unit have a nice simulated flame but it also can provide heat as well.

#7 WE Furniture 70-Inch Media Stand

WE Furniture 70-Inch Media Stand

This high-quality unit has a Barnwood appearance and is manufactured using MDF with a durable laminate finish that not only looks good but is also extremely strong. It’s long enough to accommodate a 70-inch television quite easily and has adjustable shelving with a cable management system built into it to accommodate coaxial, HDMI cables or other cabling required for your DVD, BlueRay or game system.

The fireplace insert in this unit can produce either a simulated flame with no heat or can be used with a heat option. And probably best of all, it doesn’t require a technician to set up and doesn’t require any sort of venting.

#6 WE Furniture 58-Inch Highboy-Style Stand

WE Furniture 58-Inch Highboy-Style Stand

Designed in a highboy-style using MDF and laminate, this television stand is an interesting addition to any home. It’s large enough to accommodate a television up to 60-inches wide and is easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions. Inside of this media-stand is a fireplace insert that can provide a beautiful simulated flame and can do it with or without heat.

This product doesn’t need a professional to install; all that needs to be done is to plug it into a standard outlet. This unit has two open shelves that have cutouts for coaxial or HDMI cables and two shelves with glass doors for storing media.

#5 Walker Edison 58-Inch Stand

Walker Edison 58-Inch Stand

Designed with an MDF and durable laminate that has an espresso-colored finish, this electric fireplace television stand is suited for any decor or any room in the house. It’s large enough to accommodate televisions up to 60-inches wide and can support a total weight of 250-pounds.

It has adjustable shelving for storing media, books or game systems, and it has convenient holes cut out in the back of the shelving units which allow coaxial or HDMI wires be run to important components. The fireplace insert produces a beautiful flame and can be used with or without heat. All of this makes it a great household addition.

#4 Chimney Free Walker Entertainment Center

Chimney Free Walker Entertainment Center

This high-quality and lovely piece of furniture looks like the entertainment centers of the past, except it has a 25-inch firebox built into it. This beautiful media console has a stunning cherry finish that’s reminiscent of a more classic style, and it has the unique ability to fit in with just about any decor.

Its infrared firebox uses Spectra Fire Plus flame technology that produces a realistic flame effect, and it can provide supplemental heating to a room as big as a 1,000 square-feet. This product also has 2 open shelves as well as shelves located behind glass cabinet doors.


#3 Ameriwood Home Carson TV Console

Ameriwood Home Carson TV Console

This high-quality television console can accommodate a 70-inch flat-screen television and has a weathered oak finish that looks good in any room. This unit can hold up to 135-pounds of combined weight, so it can be used with confidence that it will be able to hold up to the weight of a television.


It contains an electric fireplace in it that has a very realistic flame effect and has an LED light source that lasts for up to 50,000 hours of life on average. This fiery light can be enjoyed without heat or the heat can be turned on to provide supplemental heating for a room up to 400 square feet in size.

#2 Southern Enterprises 48-Inch Media Fireplace

Southern Enterprises 48-Inch Media Fireplace

Manufactured with particle board, MDF and a pine veneer, this piece of furniture is not only very durable but is also very stylish. It has a beautiful glazed pine finish that accommodates the look of any room, and it can hold a flat-screen television that’s up to 46-inches wide. This unit measure 48-inches wide, 16.25-inches deep and 32.5-inches high and it weighs around 127-pounds.

It has shelving for Blue Ray players or game systems which have round cutouts in the back for HDMI or coaxial cables. It also has a beautiful fireplace insert that can produce a nice simulated flame and heat a room up to 400 square feet in size.

#1 Southern Enterprises Antebellum 48-Inch Stand

Southern Enterprises Antebellum 48-Inch Stand

With an antique white finish and a classic design, this electric fireplace TV stand is ready to become the focal point of just about any room. Thanks to its weather finish and its louvered cabinet doors, this stand has a farmhouse style that few other television stands can replicate. It also has a single, large media shelf with two cable cutouts for running HDMI or coaxial cables.

This piece of furniture has a 1,500 electric self-regulating fireplace that remains cool to the touch and lends the room a cozy ambiance. And by using the included remote, the user can adjust this unit’s thermostat, flames, logs and even set a timer.


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