Top 10 Best Outdoor Fire Pits of 2021 – Reviews


An outdoor fire pit should have a few basic characteristics. It should be able to stand up to ever-changing weather conditions, it should be durable enough to hold up to long-term use, and it should provide a focal point for the homeowner’s backyard or patio. Unfortunately, there are just too many fire pits out there that can’t even meet these basic features.

How do you avoid the ones that can’t cut the mustard and find the high-quality ones? One way is to check out the following top ten list. In this guide, we’ve listed ten of the best outdoor fire pits currently available and have ranked them according to their core characteristics. Any of the following pits are perfect for those who are looking for a quality outdoor pit.

Best Outdoor Fire Pits, Reviews

#10 CobraCo Copper Fire Pit

CobraCo Copper Fire Pit

This free-standing outdoor copper pit is manufactured using 100% copper and is hand-hammered to create a beautiful effect that simply can’t be replicated by machine-produced pits. It has an extra-deep tub that allows for larger fires to be built, which in turn allows a longer lasting fire to be enjoyed by the user.

Unlike other copper pits, this one isn’t coated with a protective glaze, and this helps to give it a nice, rustic look to it. Included with this marvelous fire pit are a heavy-duty screen cover and a vinyl cover that allows it to be stored and protects it from the rain.

#9 Sunnydaze 42-Inch Large Fire Pit

Sunnydaze 42-Inch Large Fire Pit

This large fire pit is designed for anyone who needs one that can safely burn wood outdoors. It’s approximately 23-inches tall and has a diameter of about 42-inches. With its included equipment, which includes its ring and spark screen, this product only weighs about 36-pounds.

Its light weight allows it to be easily carried to where it’s needed, but it’s durable .75mm steel construction is resistant to weather and high-heat. This product is coated with a rustic patina that not only looks great but serves as a heat-resistant finish. And it’s fire bowl has cutouts of stars and moons that look great when a fire is lit.

#8 Catalina Creations 29-Inch Heavy-Duty Pit

Catalina Creations 29-Inch Heavy-Duty Pit

This heavy-duty cast iron fire pit is 29.5-inches wide, 19.7-inches tall and it weighs approximately 45-pounds. Its cast-iron cauldron rests on three legs which not only keep it stable but also make it look quite stylish. Its cauldron has star and moon cutouts in its bowl, and these create a beautiful effect when a fire is built in the pit.

This unit is manufactured from a thick cast-iron that’s been coated with a bronze-colored finish that not only gives it a rustic look but also makes it heat-resistant. And finally, this pit features a 24-inch diameter mesh spark screen that offers protection against flying embers.

#7 Landman Fire Dance Bear Pit

Landman Fire Dance Bear Pit

This 30-inch fire pit not only has decorative cutouts on its fire bowl with dancing bear and bear paw designs, but it also has a grate that adds a bit of charm to it and can be used as a cooking surface. This fire pit has an all-steel construction and is not only easy-to-assemble but is also quite durable.

It features a full diameter safety ring that also acts as a handle and makes it easy to transport to where it’s going to be used. Other features that can be found on this product include a spark screen that helps to keep embers contained. It also comes with a fire poker.

#6 Landmann Savannah Garden Light

Landmann Savannah Garden Light

This sturdy steel fire pit rests on three legs and is designed to have the look of southern garden lights. Its fire bowl is 23.5-inches in diameter, and this pit provides everyone gathered around it with a nice view of the fire built within it.

Its decorative cutouts create quite a beautiful ambiance at night, and this unit comes with a spark screen for added safety. This fire pit is designed to hold up to all weather conditions and to provide years of beautiful, warm fires. Also included with this pit is a fire poker that can be used to hook wood or to arrange it in the fire.

#5 Landman Big Sky Stars & Moon Pit

Landman Big Sky Stars & Moon Pit

This outdoor fire pit presents an almost magical effect on any location it’s used, regardless of whether that’s in the backyard or on the patio. It is made out of steel and has a black finish that not only gives it a rustic charm but also helps protect it from the heat.

In its bowl are cutouts of stars and moons which give a full 360-degree view of the fire and creates a haunting effect when used at night. Also included with this firepit is a safety ring that makes it easy to transport, a cooking grate for cooking up hot dogs and hamburgers, and a spark screen to protect against flying sparks.

#4 Titan Solid Copper 40-Inch Pit

Titan Solid Copper 40-Inch Pit

Designed with a 100% copper fire bowl that not only has a beautiful reddish-brown finish but is all but impervious to the elements. This fire pit is capable of holding up to hot summers and cold winters with very few problems. This fire bowl sits on a sturdy stand that keeps it raised above the ground and gives it a stylish look.

Attached to this pit’s fire bowl is a steel grate that’s big enough to hold logs up to 2-feet long and keeps the fire ventilated. All things considered, this product is designed to bring a little bit of style to almost any outdoor gathering.

#3 Outland Living Series 44-Inch Propane Pit

Outland Living Series 44-Inch Propane Pit

This fire pit table is designed to give any backyard a sense of style and grace that can’t be achieved by other fire pits. This unit has a black glass tempered tabletop and uses Arctic glass rocks to create a brilliant effect when the fire is on.

It’s a propane-powered unit that’s easy to light thanks to its auto-ignition system, and it can hold a 20-pound propane tank inside its base. This product produces a fire that provides up to 35,000 BTU of warmth, so people gathered around it and not only enjoy the visual effect of its flame but can also enjoy its warmth.

#2 Double Flame Patio Fire Pit

Double Flame Patio Fire Pit

This fire pit has a durable and innovative design that allows it to keep fires burning longer and hotter. It’s made from stainless steel and has double-wall construction that helps to channel oxygen to a fire. As the fire pit heats up, air is excited and forced up to the lip of the pit where it exits out tiny holes and directly into the fire.

This allows it to produce extremely hot fires and do it without all of the smoke that’s often associated with traditional fire pits. Now there’s no more smelling like smoke after you have spent the evening with your friends around this fire pit.

#1 Solo Stove Stainless-Steel Pit

Solo Stove Stainless-Steel Pit

The problem with many outdoor fire pits is that they’re really good at producing copious amounts of smoke but don’t always produce a strong frame. Fortunately, this fire pit has solved that problem and produces a flame that’s big, strong and extremely impressive.

This pit has double stainless-steel walls that are long-lasting and are equipped with special holes at the bottom that ensure the fire gets all the oxygen it needs. Each of these pits only weighs 42-pounds, so it’s also easy to take just about anywhere including BBQs, the beach or even the remote reaches of your own backyard.


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