Top 10 Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces of 2021 – Reviews


A wall mount electric fireplace is a simple addition to just about any home, and it is a lot easier to install than a conventional recessed fireplace. Many electric models have to be either fully or partially recessed into a wall, but that just isn’t the case for these wall-mounted models. They pretty much are just hung on a wall like a picture frame, a picture frame that has a brilliant fire effect.

Of course, finding the right wall mount electric fireplace isn’t as easy as just choosing one that looks nice. There are other considerations to make including the size of the unit and its built-in features. With those things in mind, we’ve chosen ten wall-mounted models that we are pretty confident are the best ones currently available and will provide a great focal point to any room.

Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces, Reviews

#10 Best Choice Products 1,500-Watt

Best Choice Products 1,500-Watt

This elegant wall mounted electric fireplace has nice clean lines that enable it to fit in with any modern decor. It’s a very versatile model that can either be wall mounted or can be used as a free-standing unit. It’s front features innovative 3D flame technology that looks natural and is easily controlled using the unit’s remote control.

This fireplace is extremely energy efficient, and unlike wood burning fireplaces won’t emit any harmful gases. This product is 35-inches long, 6-inches wide and 22-inches high and can be mounted to any suitable wall quickly and easily. It’s a high-quality wall-mounted unit.

#9 Regal Flame Broadway 35-Inch

Regal Flame Broadway 35-Inch

This 35-inch wide wall-mounted fireplace eliminates the need for cutting wood, hooking up gas lines or doing any of the other tedious chores involved with owning a fireplace. That’s because this model is electric and once it’s installed it’s virtually maintenance-free. All the user has to do is mount it on a suitable wall, and then enjoy its beautiful flame effects.

This unit isn’t just for show, however. It’s also capable of being used as a secondary heat source in the home, and it has three convenient heat settings: no-heat, low-heat, and high heat. And that makes this unit as practical as it is beautiful.

#8 PuraFlame 36-Inch Galena

PuraFlame 36-Inch Galena

Like many other wall-mounted units, this one is capable of being attached to the wall like a picture frame, or it can be mounted on a convenient stand as the homeowner deems necessary. Regardless of how it’s installed, however, it still produces the same great quality flame effects, and heat one would expect from an electric fireplace.

This unit produces a realistic flame effect using LED backlights, and its flame effects can be easily controlled via its remote control. This fireplace can produce these effects without heat, or the homeowner can turn its heat on to provide supplemental heating to a room up to 400 square feet in size.

#7 Moda Flame Houston 50-Inch

Moda Flame Houston 50-Inch

This 50-inch wide fireplace makes an attractive centerpiece for any room in the house. It has a sleek, modern black frame that can create vivid flames that inspire awe and wonder in the viewer. It can easily be mounted on a wall, even under a TV if the unit is given enough clearance.

This fireplace can be used to give the room beautiful ambient lighting or it can be used as a heat source. And since it’s electric, the homeowner never has to fool with wood or hooking up natural gas lines. All that’s required is for it to be mounted on a suitable wall, and plugged into an appropriate power source.

#6 Xtremepower US 50-Inch

Xtremepower US 50-Inch

This 50-inch 1,500-watt heater is a great fireplace to be wall mounted. It has an extremely slim installation and can be wall-mounted or partially recessed. All that is required to power this fireplace is to plug it into a standard 120-volt household out, and it’s capable of producing both flame effects and heat.

This fireplace comes with a remote control that allows the homeowner to operate its thermostat or to control many of its flame characteristics such as flame height, flame colors and flame speed. Although it can be flush mounted, it only has a 6.5-inch depth, so it doesn’t take up much space.

#5 GM Home 40-Inch Fireplace

GM Home 40-Inch Fireplace

Capable of being used as either a free-standing or wall mounted electric fireplace, this unit is sure to add great ambiance to any room it’s placed in. It has a black gloss steel “frame” and a tempered glass front panel that can deliver some realistic and beautiful flame effects.

This unit is capable of having its flame color changed to one of 9 different colors, including yellow, blue, green, white, or several different color combinations. This beautiful and innovative fireplace also has 5 different flame brightness levels and is capable of producing enough heat to heat a 400 square-foot room.

#4 R.W Flame 36-Inch Electric Fireplace

RW Flame 36-Inch Electric Fireplace

Although this unit can be wall-mounted, it’s also capable of being used in several other ways, too. For example, it can be recessed into a wall or placed on a table top, if the homeowner wishes. This unit uses a 120-volt standard power supply and has multiple operating modes for the homeowner’s pleasure and convenience.

It has 12 different flame color modes, has 5 different flame brightness levels and even has 5 different flame speed modes. It also has a timer control that allows it to automatically shut off anywhere from 1 hour to 8-hours after it’s been set. All of which makes it an exciting unit to own.

#3 Classic Flame Elysium 36-Inch

Classic Flame Elysium 36-Inch

It doesn’t matter if this fireplace model is wall-mounted or if it’s stand mounted, it’s still capable of producing the light effects and heat that homeowners love and appreciate. This infrared quartz fireplace has a black glass frame and can deliver up to 5,200 BTU of heat, which is enough to provide supplemental zone heating to a 1,000 square foot room.

This unit also has decorative LED uplights and sidelights that each has 5 color options each. The most important feature found on this fireplace, however, is it flame effects which can be set in a number of different ways for the best visuals possible.

#2 Touchstone 50-Inch Onyx Fireplace

Touchstone 50-Inch Onyx Fireplace

This beautiful onyx fireplace is 50-inches wide, so it provides a beautiful effect when mounted on a wall. It also just so happens to be one of the easiest fireplaces to install. That’s because it only weighs around 46-pounds, so it can easily be wall mounted by one person.

And once it’s been properly mounted, it can be quickly set to not only deliver beautiful flame visual effects to the room but can also deliver heat directly to the room. In fact, this unit has 2 different heating options, so users can choose the one that’s appropriate for their room.

#1 PuraFlame Alice 50-Inch Fireplace

PuraFlame Alice 50-Inch Fireplace

Without a doubt, this wall-mounted electric fireplace looks very cool when it’s properly mounted. It has a sleek black look to it that fits in with any decor it’s used in, and it produces flame visuals that are nothing short of stunning. This fireplace gives the user two different fuel bed media options, either log set or crystal, and it is capable of producing 3 different colors of flame.

This unit also operates as a 1,500-watt heater as well and is capable of heating a 400 square foot room easily. And finally, it also has an easy-to-use remote that can control this fireplace’s many features and makes it easier to use.


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