Top 10 Best Wood Burning Backpacking Stoves of 2021 – Reviews


Whether you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail, the Scottish National Trail or even the Chilkoot Trail, then you are probably going to want to pack a wood burning backpacking stove on your trip. This is especially true of autumn hiking when the weather can turn on a dime in an instant. These devices not only provide a way to heat food or drinks but can also prove to be a valuable heat source in an emergency.

Finding the right wood burning stove for backpacking doesn’t need to be difficult. Although there are a variety of different models currently available, we’ve found that only a few of them really meet the standards that hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts demand. A wood burning stove that’s not only portable but is also easy to use and provides nice heat. The following is what we found.

Best Wood Burning Backpacking Stoves, Reviews

#10 Toaks Titanium Backpacking Stove

Toaks Titanium Backpacking Stove

This wood burning backpacking stove is made of durable titanium that’s not only designed to hold up to the rigors of outdoor life but also to the high temperatures produced by the wood burning within it. It’s manufactured in three parts which all stack inside each other so they can be packed inside a backpack quite easily.

Since it’s part of the Toaks system, it’s also capable of resting inside other products in this system including their 1600ml pot and their 450ml cup. Although it’s a little taller than its base, which makes it a little less stable than we would have preferred when secured it’s a wonderful stove.

#9 Vargo Titanium Hexagon Stove

Vargo Titanium Hexagon Stove

When a backpacker is out on the trail, then they don’t want to pack more weight than they need to and that’s why this compact stove is a pretty good stove for them to own. It’s a hexagon wood stove that’s made of titanium, so it’s 45% lighter than steel and is almost twice as strong as aluminum.

It’s also extremely resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, so it’s always ready for the outdoors. And it also has a conical shape that focuses heat upwards for faster cook times. Best of all, however, is that it folds flat, so it can be packed easily and requires very little pack space.

#8 Lixada Camping Stove

Lixada Camping Stove

This inexpensive camping stove is primarily built to burn wood twigs, even though it does come with a cap that can be used when burning solidified alcohol. When this compact little stove is loaded correctly with twigs or with wood pellets, it’s able to produce quite a bit of heat for anywhere from 1 to 2-hours.

It’s constructed from stainless steel, so it’s not only durable but is also corrosion resistant. This product has a 3-arm support base system that allows it to be extremely stable, even when used in grassy areas. And when it has depleted its fuel, it’s easy to reload again.

#7 Lixada Folding Stove

Lixada Folding Stove

Hikers and backpackers shouldn’t have to pack solidified fuel cartridges or gas cartridges with them out on the trail when they can use a folding stove that can use nature to provide heat. And this is exactly what this Lixada stove can deliver. It can use twigs, dry grass, pinecones, and even leaves as a fuel source, as needed by the backpacker.

It has a wide opening that makes it easy for adding fuel to it and it has a trivet crost-stand that provides a very stable surface for cooking pots. This stove is extremely easy to set up and take down, so it can be taken virtually anywhere very quickly.

#6 Canway Outdoor Stove

Canway Outdoor Stove

This lightweight outdoor stove is only 5.5-inches by 5.5-inches by 3.38-inches in size, but it’s capable of producing a good amount of heat when loaded with twigs or leaves. Its compact design allows it to be easily carried into the wilderness and it’s also durable enough to hold up to frequent use.

Using only twigs or wood chips, this stove can produce a high amount of thermal efficiency and can burn for over 20-minutes on a single load, even though it’s quite compact. This product comes with not only the stove but also a storage bag and a user’s manual.

#5 Ohuhu Stainless Steel Stove

Ohuhu Stainless Steel Stove

This wood burning backpacking stove is made from quality stainless steel and can be used to provide portable heat, to boil pots or water or even to BBQ. It can be fueled with a number of different things including not only dry twigs, but also leaves and pinecones, too.

It’s lightweight and collapsible, so it can be easily packed into a pack and taken anywhere. And since it doesn’t use solidified alcohol tablets or fuel canisters, it doesn’t leave chemical emissions in the environment. All of which makes this stove one that’s not only convenient but also fueled by nature.

#4 Emberlit Survival Stove

Emberlit Survival Stove

Weighing less than 12-ounces and manufactured using stainless steel, this survival stove is not only suitable for campers, hikers, survivalist, and backpackers, but it’s suitable for anyone who needs a quick way to cook in the wilderness. It folds flat so that it can be carried anywhere and is manufactured in the U.S.

It’s rugged enough to be used every day and is quite easy to set up and pack away. It has a fuel feeding door where the user can add more wood. When filled and burning, this stove is capable of boiling water in approximately 10-minutes. And this makes this product great for using on the trail.

#3 KampMate WoodFlame Ultra

KampMate WoodFlame Ultra

This product is not only a capable backpacking stove, but can also be used by anyone who loves the outdoors. It’s lightweight and collapsible, so it can be folded flat and taken virtually anywhere it’s needed. It’s also easy to set up, and once the user is done with it, it’s also easy to pack away. This product can be powered using wood, twigs, charcoal, cedar pucks, biomass or Esbit tablets as needed.

This ability to make use of a variety of fuels means that it’s quite versatile and can be used in a variety of different situations. And best of all, it’s easy to load and delivers temperatures hot enough to handle most cooking projects.

#2 Solo Stove Lite

Solo Stove Lite

The Solo Stove Lite is a backpacker’s stove that has won various awards and has received recommendations from some of the world’s most serious survivalists, and there’s a good reason for that fact. It’s because this product is not only portable and easy to use, but also produces a great amount of heat that allows the user to cook virtually anything.

It creates this heat due to a double wall construction that creates clean gasification of the wood and uses it as a secondary source of combustion. This allows the wood to burn more completely and produces less smoke than other types of stoves.

#1 Pop-Up Fire Pit | Portable + Lightweight 

The Pop-Up Fire Pit is the first truly portable wood or charcoal burning fire pit. The Pop-Up Fire Pit packs down smaller than a camp chair and weighs just 8lbs. Opens up to an outstanding 24″x24″ fire pit, large enough to keep the whole party warm! With the added heat shield you can have fires on any surface without the heat transferring to and damaging the ground

Simple yet perfect – The Pop-Up Pit sets-up in just under 60 seconds without the use of any tools. 6061 Aluminum design cools down in 90 seconds once your fire is extinguished. The Pop-Up Pit comes in its own carrying case that measures just 27″x5″x5″ when packed up making it the perfect companion for the beach, backyard, or backwoods!

Super good Burning – Burning on a fire-rated Stainless Steel Mesh (Fire Mesh) means the fires get perfect airflow. Enjoy brighter, hotter fires with almost no smoke. 


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