Top 10 Best Wood Stove Inserts of 2020 – Reviews

Anyone who has an old fireplace that isn’t contributing anything to the home may want to find themselves a suitable wood stove insert. These appliances allow the homeowner to turn their old fireplaces into a useful tool for adding supplemental heating to the home. And since these products also look pretty good, they can transform that ugly old firebox into the focal point of a room.

There’s a little bit more involved in discovering a great insert than merely choosing one that looks good, however. It’s also important to choose one that fits your old fireplace and one that’s highly efficient. Although we can’t help you choose the right insert size, what we can do is list some of the top inserts currently available, so you can choose among some of the best models manufactured.

Best Wood Stove Inserts, Reviews

#10 Eco Pellet Series NP145 Pellet Burning Insert

Eco Pellet Series NP145 Pellet Burning Insert

Designed to be a freestanding wood stove insert, this product provides not only a reliable zone heating solution to a home, but it does it with style and grace. It’s equipped with some interesting features which make it a nice addition to any home.

Some of the features found on this insert include an auto-ignitor that makes it easy to get the pellets burning, a variable speed blower, a quiet-mode setting, and a variable speed auger.

And since it’s capable of delivering anywhere from 8,500 to 42,500 BTUs of heat, depending on pellet consumption, it can be used for either full or supplemental heating.

#9 Summer’s Heat 50-SNC13I Insert

Summers Heat 50-SNC13I Wood Fireplace Insert 1500 Square Foot

Manufactured in the USA from high-quality steel, this Summer’s Heat 50-SNC13I insert is extremely durable and designed to hold up to years of use. However, durability isn’t the only feature that this insert provides. It also looks extremely good and has a sleek black design that’s sure to fit in with the style sensibilities of anyone’s home.

This product features a fully-line firebox that provides a very efficient, and clean, burn each and every time it’s used. It can provide up to 8-hours of burn time and can produce enough heat to heat a home up to 1,500 square feet in size.

#8 Timberwolf Economizer EPA Fireplace Insert

Timberwolf Economizer EPA Fireplace Insert

This nice looking product is designed to be installed into an old fireplace with a minimum opening of 25-7/8-inches wide, 14-inches deep and 22-inches high. This product needs a 6-inch flue diameter and is a top vented insert, so it’s not as easy to install as just placing it into your old firebox.

Once it’s properly installed, however, this insert is ready to do some serious heating. It’s capable of heating up to a 2,000 square foot home and comes with two 55 cubic-feet-per-minute blowers that help to supply the fire with oxygen and distribute the heat out from it.

#7 EPI-1402P Napoleon Insert

EPI-1402P Napoleon Insert

Thanks to the EPI-1402P, no homeowner has to deal with an unsightly and inefficient looking masonry fireplace. This insert is designed to be easily fitted into an appropriately sized fireplace and to not only provide the homeowner with an attractive design to look at but also provide the supplemental heating they need.

It uses a 6-inch flue that makes it more efficient than other insert brands and allows it to deliver real cost savings to homeowners. It features two powerful blowers that are capable of moving up to 100 cubic feet of heat per minute and a cast iron door with a classic look to it.

#6 Osburn 1600 Wood Insert

Osburn 1600 Wood Insert

Although this wood stove insert has a number of fascinating features to mention, probably one of the best features it has is its slim design. This product is designed to be placed into a fireplace that’s only 14-3/8-inch deep, which makes it an ideal solution for any homeowner with a smaller fireplace they need to update.

Despite its small size, however, it’s capable of delivering up to 65,000 BTU of heat an hour for up to 6-hours. It’s large enough to handle 17-inch logs, and it comes with a 130 cubic-foot-per-minute blower that helps keep its emissions low and improve its energy efficiency.

#5 US Stove 2200iE Medium Fireplace Insert

US Stove 2200iE Medium Fireplace Insert

This US Stove 2200iE insert is designed to make the homeowners old, inefficient fireplace and update it so it can provide the heating efficiency that’s required to keep any home nice and warm. This insert features a 1.2 cubic foot firebox that’s big enough to accept logs as large as 18-inches long.

This firebox is firebrick lined so that this insert has a long life and maintains its energy efficiency. Another positive about this insert is that it has a 120 cubic-foot-per minute blower that helps to adequately distribute heat. And finally, this product has been certified according to EPA wood stove standards.

#4 Stove Builder International CW2900 Wood Insert

Stove Builder International CW2900 Wood Insert

A home’s old fireplace can easily be updated using the Stove Builder’s International CW2900 wood insert. This product has a 2.4 cubic foot firebox that can produce up to 75,000 BTU of heat per hour for up to 8-hours at a time, depending upon the amount of fuel consumed. This means that it can easily heat a home up to 2,100 square feet in size.

Another positive feature found on this product is that it has a beautiful modern design that should fit in with the look of just about anyone’s home. Its box is also large enough to hold 18 to 20-inch logs, although for best fuel efficiency 16-inch logs are recommended.

#3 Osburn 2400 Fireplace Insert

Osburn 2400 Fireplace Insert

When it comes to raw heat output, few inserts can compete with the Osburn 2400. Using dry cordwood, this product is able to produce a heat output of up to 100,000 BTUs of heat per hour. This means that it can easily heat a 1,000 square foot home or can heat a home as large as 2,700 square feet.

It’s 3.4 cubic foot firebox is large enough to hold enough wood for even extremely cold winter nights, and it can produce a maximum burn time of up to 10-hours. This insert has a nice black trim kit that looks striking with the brushed nickel door overlay and thereby making it a beautiful focal point for any room.

#2 Drolet EPA-Certified Escape Insert

Drolet EPA-Certified Escape Insert

This EPA-certified insert is capable of providing a clean-burning heating solution for just about any home. It has a firebrick lining that protects its steel construction and allows heat to radiate outwards towards the rest of the house. It also has a door with a heavy duty latch on it, and it has a 130 cubic-foot-per-minute blower that’s heat-activated for maximum efficiency.

This product is capable of producing up to 65,000 BTUs of heat, and it has ceramic glass in its door that gives the homeowner a beautiful view of the fire. And it’s Airwash System helps to keep that glass clean, so the view remains unobstructed.

#1 Vogelzang TR004 Colonial Wood Stove

Vogelzang TR004 Colonial Wood Stove

With a classic Colonial design that many homeowners can really appreciate and an efficiency rating of over 75%, it’s no wonder the Vogelzang Wood Stove Insert is so popular. It has a cast iron feed door that’s equipped with a 16.5-inch by 9-inch ceramic glass window that gives bystanders an amazing view of the roaring flames.

It’s made with heavy-gauge 3/16th-inch reinforced plate steel that’s been reinforced with a firebox lining of firebrick. It has a wood hearth design that’s 31-inches by 44-inches, and it can produce up to 69,000 square feet of heat, which is enough to heat a 1,800 square foot home.

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