Top 10 Best Gas Fireplace Inserts of 2021 – Reviews


Anyone who wants to enjoy the power of a nice fire but doesn’t want to mess with wood-burning fireplaces may want to investigate gas fireplace inserts. That’s because these devices are designed to be used with the home’s natural gas line, or occasionally an LP tank, to provide a highly efficient and care-free flame that can be enjoyed all year round. All that has to be done is to find one that suits your needs.

Finding one that suits your needs isn’t always easy, however. When choosing one of these inserts, there’s a number of factors to consider and the most important is which model is the best one available. Below are ten models that we feel will solve that issue, and provide the homeowner with the features that will benefit them on a daily basis.

Best Gas Fireplace Inserts, Reviews

#10 Sure Heat Burnt River Oak 18-Inch Set

Sure Heat Burnt River Oak 18-Inch Set

This 18-inch set simulates 8 burn oak logs stacked on a grate to create a beautiful wood burning effect. The flame that climbs around these logs come from a U-shaped dual burner that provides just enough flame to complete the stunning visual effect. This unit is designed to fit into all fireplaces that have a minimum 28-inch front width, a minimum 21-inch back width and a depth of 15-inches.

It also needs some form of natural gas connection to hook it up. Once it’s connected using the dual burner, pan, grate, and connection hardware, all the homeowner has to do is light it with a match and it’s ready to rock a beautiful flame.

#9 Sure Heat Vent-Free Dual Burner Log Set

Sure Heat Vent-Free Dual Burner Log Set

Designed to be used in fireplaces that have a natural gas hookup and have a minimum size of 36-inches by 15-inches by 25-inches, this gas fireplace insert can be used in quite a few homes. Once installed, the homeowner will enjoy the beauty of 10 detailed ceramic logs looking like they’re being burned, although it’s really just the gas burning.

This product can heat a home up to 1,500 square feet, and it burns with a burn efficiency of 99.9%. This product is thermostatically controlled and that allows it to keep consistent room temperature at all times while it’s in use.

#8 Pleasant Hearth 30-Inch Arlington Ash Vented Log Set

Pleasant Hearth 30-Inch Arlington Ash Vented Log Set

One of the most impressive things about this gas fireplace insert is that it contains highly detailed concrete logs that have been handpainted to look like real wood logs. This look allows them to create an amazing effect when the dual burner system is ignited using a match.

Once lit, this product provides up to 65,000 BTUs of heat an hour, that’s more than enough heat to provide supplemental heating for almost any size home. And since this product is hand-lit by the homeowner, this device doesn’t need any electricity at all. All it needs it a fireplace that’s big enough to hold it and a natural gas hookup.

#7 Peterson Real Fyre 24-Inch Log Set With Burner

Peterson Real Fyre 24-Inch Log Set With Burner

This log set features not only realistic looking ceramic logs designed to simulate the look of real oak, but also features a vented burner that uses natural gas and can easily be lit with a match. Although this product doesn’t come with the fittings or connection hose to hook it up to gas service, those items can easily be purchased separately if the homeowner needs them.

What this product does provides are 6 high-quality gas logs, a custom grate, a burner, sand, and embers. Its burner has an exception burn rate of 75,000 BTUs an hour, which is quite a bit of heat for a gas fireplace insert.

#6 Regal Flame 16-Inch 5-Piece Fireplace Logs

Regal Flame 16-Inch 5-Piece Fireplace Logs

This set features 8 life-sized ceramic logs that provide the homeowner with the feel of real birch wood burning but does it without the smoke or soot of a real wood fire. The ceramic logs in this set come in a variety of different sizes, from short 9.5-inch models all the way up to 16-inch models.

This variety of sizes allows the fire to maintain a more realistic appearance, letting it look like wood that had just been cut and gathered. And although this set doesn’t come with a burner, it can be used in a number of different fireplaces include gas or propane models and even ethanol models.

#5 Emberside Mountain Vernon Oak Gas Set

Emberside Mountain Vernon Oak Gas Set

This gas log set is a great combination of size and price. It’s not that big that it costs a fortune and its not that small that it’s not useful to the homeowner. This product features a burner that’s capable of heating up to 1,500 square feet of a home with 99% efficiency.

It’s also equipped to provide this amazing amount of heat while being carbon monoxide free. This unit uses a manually controlled valve system that’s easy for the operator to use and has a push button ignition system that allows the flame to be started quickly and without the use of matches.

#4 Sure Heat Split Oak Dual Burner 30-Inch Set

Unlike some of the other gas fireplace inserts on this page, this product requires a working flue that can be opened and maintained by the homeowner. Although this may mean that this product isn’t appropriate for some people, for others it’s a high-quality product that will provide the effect and heat of a real wood burning stove.

It uses hand-painted cement logs that have been artistically stacked on a special tiered grate to create a beautiful and impressive fireplace effect when its gas-powered dual burner is lit. Also included with this set are connection hardware and embers that complete its realistic look.

#3 Regal Flame 10-Piece Gas Insert

Suitable for use in a variety of different fireplaces, this high-quality product can be a useful addition to many homes. It can be used in not only natural gas or propane fireplaces, but it can be used in a variety of gel and ethanol ones as well. This set includes 10 different logs which include two 15-inch ones, two 14-inch ones, two 10-inch ones, and four 11-inch logs altogether.

All of these ceramic logs are sculpted to look like actual pieces of wood, and this creates quite a cozy effect. Regardless of whether it’s used in ventless gas fireplaces or outdoor fireplaces, it’s a nice looking insert that’s ready to improve the look of any fireplace.

#2 Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs

These life-size ceramic logs can be used in any gas fireplace or fire pit to create a beautiful effect of wood burning. Although it doesn’t come with a burner of its own, it can simply be placed into any appropriate fire to create the correct effect that the homeowner wants. And these logs dont release any ash or residue like some of the lower quality gas inserts have a tendency of doing.

All this product will do is create a very realistic wood burning experience that homeowners can relive again and again. It’s a product suitable for fake fireplaces, propane fireplaces, natural gas or propane models and even gel fireplaces.

#1 Sure Heat 24-Inch Sure Heat Burnt River Oak

A realistic roaring fire is never that far out of reach thanks to this quality gas insert system. It features 8 detailed cement logs and a tiered grate that reproduce the look of a real wood fire. It can fit easily into fireplaces that are 32-inches wide in the front, 24-inches wide in the back and have a depth of at least 15-inches.

Its burner produces a realistic flame pattern that simply looks better than other models and is capable of delivering up to 60,000 BTUs of heat. Although it doesn’t come with an on/off valve because that has to be purchased separately, it does contain everything else needed to set it up.


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