The Ultimate Guide to Fireplace Screens


Fireplace screens are a great way to add additional safety to your fireplace. Especially when it comes to families, having a gas fireplace with screens is a great way for you to ensure that you’re kids are safe around the fire and no embers or ashes are flying out.

There are a variety of different types of fireplace screens available in all different shapes and colors. Some popular types include fireplace screens with doors, free standing fireplace screens, and single panel fireplace screen.

All About Fireplace Screens

Why A Fireplace Screen is Necessary

Anyone who has a wood-burning fireplace should have a fireplace screen to protect yourself. Embers and ashes are known to escape the fire from time to time so having a fireplace screen helps to ensure that they stay inside the fireplace and not someone in your house.

Fireplace screens are also incredibly useful in preventing ash from being tracked all over your home. It keeps the mess that unfortunately, wood-burning fireplaces tend to make in one, small area.

When To Use A Fireplace Screen

A fireplace screen should be used anytime a wood-burning fireplace is lit. Regardless of the type of wood you are burning, if you are burning a real, wood-burning fire, you need to ensure that your fireplace screen is properly on the front of your fireplace.

We personally think the best thing to do is to always leave your fireplace screen on. That way, you can’t forget to have it on your fire when it’s on.

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Component to Consider

  • Handles – not every fireplace screen has handles, but they are a very useful feature. Handles allow you to move the screen easily out of the way to tend to the fire.
  • Doors – just like handles, not every fireplace screen has a door. However, we highly recommend finding one that does. Glass fireplace screen doors should have enough gaps between the panels that the fire is able to relieve enough oxygen without letting any debris out.

Top Companies

The top manufactures of fireplace screens include the following:

Types of Fireplace Screens

There are many different types of screens available for your fireplace. The most popular fireplace screens include a multi-panel screen, a Rumford screen, a single panel screen, and a decorative screen.

Multi-Panel Fireplace Screen

A multi-panel fireplace screen uses individual framed screen panels that are connected together typically by full-length steel pins. Multi-panel fireplace screens are extremely popular due to the freedom of customizing the screen to your needs. With multi-panel screens, you can change the length and the width of the screen easily.

A multi-panel screen should be at least as tall as the fireplace opening and with three inches or more overlapping on either side of the fireplace. It should be situated about eight inches away from the fireplace.

Variety of styles and sizes to choose from Can fall over
Available at different price points Potential issues with not all screens functioning properly

Best Multi-Panel Fireplace Screens

Panacea 3-Panel Arch Screen

This Panacea 3-Panel Arch Fireplace Screen is your standard multi-panel fireplace screen. It’s 35 inches in size and with a double bar, it’s designed to keep the hearth safe, organized, and beautiful. All of the Panacea products are constructed with quality materials and attention to detail and this 3-Panel Arch Screen is no different.

This screen has two hinges and can stretch to fit a variety of different openings and sizes. It’s 24 inches in the front and 12 inches wide panels on both sides. With quality steel mesh built into the design, you can rest assured that you will be protected from any stray embers or ash.

Pleasant Hearth Mission 3-Panel Fireplace Screen

This is definitely one of our favorite multi-panel fireplace screens on the market today. Not only is it incredibly affordable, currently listed it under $55, but it’s incredibly heavy-duty and stylish at the same time. This 3-panel fireplace screen is made up of heavy-duty mesh with durable steel construction and a mission style design.

It will definitely draw attention to the fireplace and really accentuate it as the focal point of the room. The dimensions are 54” x 32” with the main section being 27” long and 13” for each side panel.

Rumford Fireplace Screen

A Rumford style screen is a style of the screen that has an opening that is practically a square. These types of screens have a tall perimeter frame and a curved front frame. Therefore, this creates a screen that is curved into the room from the fireplace.

It’s an ideal screen if you have a rather large fireplace.

Great for large fireplaces Heavy to move
Grab handles Limited styles

Best Rumford Fireplace Screens

Pilgrim Rumford Sized Spark Guard

This Pilgrim Rumford Sized Spark Guard is in a vintage iron finish and features twisted bar handles for easy movability. It’s 38” x 37” x 6 ½” in dimensions and has large steel rods welded onto it for extra heavy kick plate provided as support. It’s a great screen guard especially if you have small children running around the house as it has no jagged edges on it.

For more Rumford screen, we recommend checking out The Rumford Store, which has a great selection of Rumford specific firescreens.

Single-Panel Fireplace Screen

Single panel fireplace screens or screens with doors are becoming extremely popular because of the ability for the screen to stay put at all times, but still allowing you access through the fireplace screen door.

Single panel fireplace screens have stabilizers built-in that help to ensure that the screen will stay flat against the face of the fireplace at all times. Most models either have door handles or magnetics incorporated in the design to ensure that the door stays shut when required.

Single panel fireplace screens need to be large enough to have a minimum of one-inch overlapping on every side of the fireplace. It’s more ideal to have about three inches or more instead, however.

Low depth Heavy
Convenient doors Expensive
Can be used with or without hearth

Best Single Panel Fireplace Screens

Pleasant Hearth Stonewall Fireplace Screen

This single panel fireplace screen from Pleasant Hearth is available in a stunning gunmetal color. It has two doors that allow for easy access to your fire and sits flush against just about any fireplace with its adjustable back feet. It’s extremely easy to assemble which is always a plus and also extremely durable with its steel construction. It’s a great all-around single panel fireplace screen and is an extremely practical way to protect yourself from any stay ash, while still being able to access your fire when needed.

Best Choice Products Single Panel Steel Fireplace Screen

If you’re looking for a more decorative inspired screen that still functions as a protective layer, this screen from Best Choice Products is a great option. It’s a well-designed screen that not only looks great and unique but is built for safety with protecting your floors from any sparks and ashes and keeping your family out of harm’s way. It’s made from a heavy-duty mesh and solid steel frame. It’s designed for convenience with a locking swinging door so you can easily add some additional firewood or even roast some marshmallows.

It’s 40.24” x 7.75” x 29.25” in dimensions and it’s extremely easy to clean, making it a great option if you’re in the market for a single panel fireplace screen.

Decorative Screen

Decorative screens are what you would expect, just for decoration. They can be any size you prefer because they’re not actually used as a shield or protection in any way. Typically decorative screens are only out when there is no fire running and don’t have any mesh or have some large openings. This is a clear indicator that it’s a decorative screen as it will not protect against embers and ash from getting through.

Decorative screens are ideal if you’re not using your wood-burning fireplace or a great addition to your gas fireplace.

Beautifully designed Not functional to keep sparks away
Wide variety of styles available No safety aspects

Best Decorative Fireplace Screens

Amagabeli Large Gold Fireplace Screen

If you’re looking for something a little elegant, this Amagabeli Large Gold Fireplace Screen is the perfect option for you. With high-quality black steel mesh that acts as a slight spark guard and gold wrought iron around the top, you will be protecting your household in an elegant way.

Although this fireplace is stated as more of a decorative fireplace screen, it does give you more protection than a lot of other decorative screens on the market. That being said, we wouldn’t risk it and if you have any small children or animals, it’s best not to use this when your fire is on.

Deco Metal Fire Screen

This fireplace screen from Deco is a perfect example of how a decorative fireplace screen should be used. This screen features a stunning bold decorative leaf and vine overlay design that truly makes your fireplace a piece of art. It’s a 3-panel screen that is easily adjustable to fit just about any fireplace and is great to either put out when you’re not using your fireplace or if you don’t even have a functioning fireplace but just have a mantle as shown in the photo.

Deco also suggests putting the screen in front of some burning candles if you don’t have a functioning fireplace which gives the illusion of a wood-burning fireplace without actually having a functioning wood-burning fireplace.

To learn more about how to choose the right fireplace screen for your fireplace, we recommend checking out this video from NorthlineExpress all about Choosing The Right Fireplace Screen For Your Fireplace:


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