Top 10 Best Portable Fire Pits of 2021 – Reviews


A portable fire pit is a great tool for anyone who wants to have instant access to fire for parties, get-togethers or just about any other social gatherings. Nothing is better than going out into the great outdoors—either out in the woods or in the wilds of your own backyard—and enjoy the beauty and the raw power of fire. Gathering around a fire with friends and family is simply amazing.

Before you can enjoy the beauty and the community that can be found gathering around a fire pit, you have to find one that suits your needs. Which simply means finding one that does what you want it to do without busting your budget. With those ends in mind, we’ve found ten of the best portable fire pits currently available and have submitted them below for your consideration.

Best Portable Fire Pits, Reviews

#10 Landmann Big Sky Pit

Landmann Big Sky Pit

With a 23.5-inch steel fire bowl and a safety ring that not only gives the user a place to rest their fire poker but also makes the unit easier to carry, this portable fire pit can literally be taken anywhere.

Need to have a communal fire in your backyard, at your RV or at your favorite campsite? Well, if you do, then this product is ready to provide you with a warm, cozy fire.

Its fire bowl has cutouts of leaves that create a beautiful effect when the fire is lit in it and this unit comes with a spark screen and a poker. The dimensions of this product are 26.5-inches by 23-inches.

#9 Yaheetech 32-Inch Metal Pit

Yaheetech 32-Inch Metal Pit

Although this fire pit looks like it’s a permanent feature of any backyard, it’s actually quite portable and can be taken anywhere a person needs to take it to enjoy a nice, roaring fire. This pit is a multipurpose unit that can not only be used on colder winter nights but can be enjoyed anytime a captivating atmosphere is needed.

It has a square 32-inch tabletop that makes it stable and gives everyone gathered around the fire a place to put their drinks. Other design features found in this unit include a quality iron mesh and frame, and a suitable cover for outdoor storage.

#8 Landmann Halo Pit

Landmann Halo Pit

This pit may look somewhat like an oversized wok, but it’s actually a fire pit that’s portable and adds a bit of flair to any outdoor setting. It’s 28.5-inches in diameter, 17-inches high, and has a fire bowl with a diameter of about 24-inches.

This gives the user a burn area of 346 square inches, which is big enough for a nice gathering of friends and family. Its innovative design allows for the fire to be viewed from all angles, and this pit is lightweight enough to be taken virtually anywhere. And to make things even simpler, it even comes with a large handle for easy transportation.

#7 Amazon Basics 26-Inch Folding Fire Pit

Amazon Basics 26-Inch Folding Fire Pit

This portable fire pit has a number of design features which allow it to be transported and set up anywhere it’s needed. It only measures 26.3-inches by 16.5-inches and is made from painted steel so that it’s extremely light. This pit also has folding legs, so when it’s time to go, it can be folded up and taken to the next location.

It requires no tools for assembly and comes with a log grate, cooking grate, and a fire tool, too. Regardless of whether this fire pit is used in the homeowner’s backyard or taken to a campsite, it’s ready to do its job well.

#6 UCO Flatpack Steel Pit

UCO Flatpack Steel Pit

Folding fire pits are becoming all the rage nowadays, and that’s because they are extremely versatile. They can be packed up at a moment’s notice and taken wherever they’re needed. And this one is especially convenient and versatile, and can not only be used as a fire pit but can also be used as a portable grill.

It has a 13-inch by 10-inch grilling area and can be set up in under 30-seconds. One of the key features of this unit is that it keeps the fire safely off of the ground, and its sides work as a very useful wind-break that keeps the fire from being extinguished.

#5 Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Pit

Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Pit

This quality fire pit not only is extremely portable, but it also gets high marks for performance. This product has a nice deep size that allows it to hold a sizable amount of fuel and it’s cosmic cutout design not only looks cool when the fire is lit but also supplies the flame with the oxygen it needs to keep on burning.

This set comes with everything a person needs to start their own backyard fire, including a spark screen, a built-in wood grate, a cooking grate, and a fire poker stick. This unit has a diameter of 29.5-inches, is 20-inches high and weighs only 21-pounds.

#4 Rootless Camping Pit

Rootless Camping Pit

When compared to other fire pits, this model looks extremely unique. Instead of using an iron or painted steel fire bowl like many conventional products, this one uses a collapsing steel mesh that makes it look like a folding patio table.

Although it looks strange, this design actually works quite well, and the stainless steel mesh is woven in a way that limits debris from slipping through it while the fire is burning. And since this product uses lightweight mesh, it’s probably one of the most portable pits currently available and can be used anywhere. It’s an extremely versatile pit.

#3 Camp Chef Pro Pit

Camp Chef Pro Pit

This fire ring works extremely well and is easy to take on camping trips or out on the road for convenient outdoor cooking any time of the day or night. When hooked up to a propane tank, this unit can provide up to 53,000 BTU of heat an hour, so the user always has warmth whenever they need it.

It also comes with 12-pounds of lava rock that absorb, distribute and radiate heat. This product has a 19-inch diameter and comes with 4 roasting sticks for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs over the fire. Additional features include a 5-foot hose, a propane tank stand, and a carrying bag to hold it.

#2 Outland 883 Firebowl

Outland 883 Firebowl

The problems with most campfires are that they are messy, and they require a steady supply of firewood to burn. However, those are problems that aren’t associated with this fire bowl. It is powered by propane, so there’s no expensive firewood to buy, and it doesn’t leave ashes, so there isn’t a big cleanup problem when you’re done using it.

This pit is also extremely portable and can be taken to another location in only a matter of minutes. It produces approximately 58,000 BTU an hour and comes with a 10-feet hose for connecting it to a suitable 20-pound propane tank.

#1 Outland 893 Firebowl

Outland 893 Firebowl

Some people equate a bigger size with a better product, but that characteristic can’t be applied to this fire bowl. That’s because the main beauty of this unit is that it’s extremely portable, and is small enough to be taken anywhere and everywhere. It’s approximately 19-inches by 19-inches and is 11-inches high.

It is easily hooked up to a 20-pound propane tank using it’s included 10-foot hose, and when that’s done, it’s capable of producing 58,000 BTU an hour. Other features found on this unit include a high-quality stainless steel burner, durable steel construction, and quality steel fasteners. Everything taken into consideration, this is a great portable fire pit.


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