The Best Fireplace Log Holders


If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you’re going to need some wood stored closeby. A lot of households prefer to have some sort of indoor wood log holders inside and nearby their fire for easy access to add some more fuel. Especially when the weather isn’t the best, the last thing you want to do is head outside to get more firewood.

With a variety of different styles available, having wood conveniently located in log baskets for your fireplace inside can not only be practical, but stylish as well.

All About Log Holders

Log holders can be called many things including firewood holders, wood holders for fireplace, and log baskets for fireplaces. Regardless of what you call it, they all do the same thing, hold firewood for your fireplace. They’re typically located inside for convenience and made from just about any material including steel, wrought iron, cowhide, canvas, and suede.

All wood holders typically do the same thing so it comes down to sizing, style, and if you want it for indoor or outdoor use.

Outdoor models are much different than indoor models. They can be a lot larger and used to store a lot of freshly cut wood. Ideally, you’ll have both an indoor and outdoor firewood holder to store your firewood.

Why You Need A Log Holder

Wood-burning fires need to be tended to while burning and over time, need wood or additional fuel added to keep the fire running. Instead of constantly going outside to your outdoor stock, having an indoor log holder right next to your fireplace allows you to conveniently add more fuel to the fire without having to step outside.

A lot of people also get log holders solely as decor as well. Especially if you don’t have a real wood-burning fireplace, adding some wood in a log holder, gives that illusion of a rustic wood-burning fire.

Things to Consider

Log holders require hardly any assembly and essentially once you put your logs in, you’re good to go. That being said, not every size log will fit in your log holder so it’s important that your cutting or purchasing the right size log holder for your wood and also not putting too much wood in the holder.

The log holder should be located close enough to the fireplace for easy access, but not too close that it could start a fire outside of the fireplace.

Types of Log Holders

There are different types of log holders for just about any type of style.

Some popular types of log holders include:

  • U-Shaped
  • Oval Basket
  • Tubs or Bins
  • Circular Hoop Style
  • And Many More!

The top manufactures of log holders include:

How to Maintain Your Log Holder

Especially if you have a metal log holder, they are designed to last years and years. Maintenance for metal holders is incredibly simple but necessary to ensure it lasts a while.

You don’t want an excessive amount of moisture from water or snow on your log holder. Your log holder manual will go through everything in detail, but a good rule of thumb when it comes to your log holder is don’t have it too close to the fire and don’t get it too wet.

That being said, most metal can be wiped down with a little bit of water or vegetable oil to shine and make it look as good as new. Since these objects a lot of times are heavy and have sharper edges, it’s best to keep small children away from them.



The Top Log Holders


6. ShelterLogic Fireplace Classic Log Holder

This log holder has a decorative design that matches just about any style of decor while conveniently holding piles of wood ready to insert into your fireplace. As soon as your ShelterLogic log holder arrives it’s good to go with no assembly required. It’s incredibly sturdy with a square tube steel frame and is really reasonably priced.

5. INNO STAGE Waxed Canvas

This log holder looks like an ordinary large canvas bag, but it’s specifically designed to carry firewood. It’s made from a waxed canvas material that is scratch-resistant, stain and wear-resistant, and with reinforced handles, it’s extremely durable and made to last. You can use this bag to carry wood from outside to inside and place in your firewood holder, or you can simply place it next to your fireplace after bringing the wood in. With its stylish design, it will fit in with just about any home decor style.

4. WBHome Firewood

If you’re looking to stack a bit of fuel near your fire, this WBHome Firewood rack is a great option. It has a large capacity for stacking firewood, newspapers, or other fuel types and can be used either inside or outside. It also comes with fire tools including a fireplace poker, brush, grabber, tongs, which keeps everything organized and right where you need it. It’s raised off the ground which allows everything to dry properly.

3. Doeworks Heavy Duty Firewood Rack

A little larger than some other options, this Doeworks heavy duty firewood rack is a great option if you’re looking to store a lot of wood, yet keep it organized. It’s almost in a sleigh like formation and with double powder-coated thick steel, this rack is built to last.

One thing that separates this firewood rack from others is the fact that it has a little section for the kindling wood. This way you can keep your wood organized.

2. Minuteman International Shaker Log Basket

If you’re looking for something simple, but from a reputable company, this log basket from Minuteman is a great option. With two handles on the side, this basket can be easily moved around from inside to outside as you gather more wood. It’s built to be sturdy enough for easy transportation, but stylish enough to fit nicely with just about any decor style.

This basket is made from wrought iron with a warm Roman Bronze powder-coated finish and measures about 23 ¾” x 16” x 12 ½” in size.

1. Amagabeli Fireplace Log Holder

Although this is a fairly simple designed log holder, it’s one of the highest-rated ones on Amazon. This log holder is the perfect mixture of functionality meets organization. This canvas log holder is a tote bag that allows you to carry your firewood inside and then sets up to neatly organize it next to the fireplace. It’s made from a sturdy black canvas which holds up really nicely, but also looks really sleek inside as well. Overall it’s a great, practical option when it comes to a log holder which is why it’s achieved the number one spot.

To compliment your new indoor log holder, there are tons of great YouTube videos all about how to make your own outdoor log holder. We personally love this video from Platbased Outdoors.


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