Top 10 Best Wood Burning Fireplaces of 2020 – Reviews

There probably isn’t anything finer than cozying up with your loved one in front of a roaring fire, especially when the weather is cold. Wood burning fireplaces just seem to have a special place in our hearts. Maybe it’s the smell of burning wood or the primal feeling we all receive from gathering around a fire. Regardless, these fireplaces are sure to add a little warmth not only to our homes but to our dispositions as well.

Before we can enjoy all of the benefits afforded to use by one of these fireplaces, however, we must first find the best one available. And that usually takes a little bit of work to sort through all of the models being sold nowadays. Fortunately, we’ve eliminated a lot of this work by choosing what we feel are the best wood burning fireplaces available.

Best Wood Burning Fireplaces, Reviews

#10 WRT 2036WS 36-Inch Louvered Fireplace

WRT 2036WS 36-Inch Louvered Fireplace

This 36-inch louvered fireplace looks like some of the fireplaces of the past, but it comes with a number of modern amenities. It has a powder coat finish and features a brick liner that refracts the heat back out towards the room. It also features an 8-inch pipe that makes it extremely easy to install into just about any home.

This model features a damper control that’s easy to use and features a mesh fire screen for safety. It also comes with a log grate that makes starting and maintaining a fire in it a lot easier. All of its features make this wood burning fireplace one that should be welcome in most homes.

#9 Superior Phase II 48-Inch Fireplace

Superior Phase II 48-Inch Fireplace

This fireplace is a part of Superior’s line of Custom Series fireplaces, and as such has a traditional design that’s been updated with some modern features. This 48-inch model is destined to add a bit of elegance to just about any home and is designed to be easy-to-use and maintain.

This unit comes with a pre-wired blower, a black door made from steel, ceramic glass, and an efficient air wash system. It also has an outside air coupler, an air kit, and a double air combustion control system, so it’s ready to be installed. And it also has white stacked panels and is capable of providing heat for up to 1,500 square feet of a home.

#8 Comfort Flame B36L-M 36-Inch Fireplace

Comfort Flame B36L-M Insert

Although this 36-inch fireplace has a simple design, it is simple and easy to use and maintain. This product has a fireplace face of 38-inches by 33-inches and comes with not only the mesh screen but also a steel log grate as well. If the consumer desires, this fireplace can also be equipped with glass bi-fold doors, although those are sold separately.

Another thing to mention about this fireplace is that it can be used with 8-inch pipes for direct outdoor venting. It’s a zero clearance fireplace that has a simple design and will make a fine addition to just about any home.

#7 Majestic 42-Inch Royalton Fireplace

Majestic 42-Inch Royalton Fireplace

A roaring fire is a welcome addition to almost any home, and this fireplace is capable of bringing that experience with a touch of classically-inspired style. This 42-inch fireplace not only has a classic appearance, but it also has some great features which allow it to perform extremely well.

It has a brick interior that has a traditional masonry look, and it is big enough to build a decent-sized fire. Some of the features which can be found on this fireplace include an ash lip, a steel grate, a damper handle that can be accessed from the front and a firescreen for safety.

#6 Superior 36-Inch Outdoor Fireplace

Superior 36-Inch Outdoor Fireplace

Designed to be professionally installed in an outdoor space such as an appropriate deck or patio, the WRE3000 will not only bring heat to the outdoors but will do it with a sense of style. This fireplace is a single-piece model manufactured with brushed stainless steel and featuring a stainless mesh spark screen for added safety.

It also has white herringbone refractory panels, an adjustable air damper with easy access and includes a stainless steel log grate. It is specifically designed to hold up to all kinds of different weather and should provide the homeowner with many years of service.

#5 Napoleon NZ8000 High Country Linear Fireplace

Napoleon High Country 8000

Some people can make do with just about any size fireplace, but other people need one that’s pretty large, and fortunately, the Napoleon High Country falls in the latter category. This model features a large face that gives the homeowner a nice wide fire viewing area.

Its large firebox is capable of holding up to 50-pounds of wood, more than enough to keep the cold at bay on even the coldest of winter nights. This wood burning fireplace can be used with 10-inch chimneys, and it comes with an outside air control lever and Zero-Gravity glass doors that open on a roller system.

#4 Majestic 36-Inch Biltmore Radiant Fireplace

Majestic 36-Inch Biltmore Radiant Fireplace

Although this Majestic fireplace has a front viewing area that’s only 36-inches wide, it is also 28.5-inches high, and this gives the homeowner a great view of their fire’s dancing flames. The overall size of this model is 44.5 by 27.5 by 59.25-inches, and it has a full refractory lining that pushes radiant heat out towards the front of the fireplace.

This product also comes equipped with dual gas knockouts, an outside air kit, and a steel grate. What’s really great about this fireplace model, however, is its versatility. It can be used with either a raised hearth or installed flush with the floor, as the needs of the homeowner demand it.

#3 Majestic 42-Inch Biltmore Radiant Fireplace

Majestic 42-Inch Biltmore Radiant Fireplace

This fireplace has a number of different features, but what really sets it apart from many of its competitors is its size. This product has a width of 50.5-inches, has a depth of 27.5-inches, and it has a height of 59.25-inches. This gives those sitting in front of it a great view of their fire as it burns.

This product is UL and ULC listed, has an attic insulation shield and comes with a firescreen for added safety. It also has a full refractory lining that helps to deflect radiant heat outwards and it has a powder coat finish that is resistant to scratching. All in all, it’s a beautiful fireplace to add to any home.

#2 Superior 50-Inch Ivory Herringbone Fireplace

Superior 50-Inch Ivory Herringbone Fireplace

Unlike other fireplaces which have a simulated firebrick look to them, the WRT6000 features a 50-inch fireplace with a real Ivory firebrick lining. It’s a large fireplace with a classic design and is designed to fit in with larger rooms. This model features an easy-to-access damper control, is made with real mosaic masonry brick and has a full Herringbone liner.

It’s also equipped with a hidden ash bin with a pull ring on it. And to keep your firewood properly elevated, this fireplace also comes with a heavy-duty iron log grate. And since this product is intended to be used in both warm and cold climates, it’s fully insulated for increased performance.

#1 Sunjoy Jasper Large Outdoor Fireplace

Sunjoy Jasper Wood Burning Fireplace

This wood burning fireplace isn’t intended to be used indoors but is instead a great outdoor fireplace that will lend warmth and style to any outside venue. It doesn’t matter if this fireplace is installed on a proper deck, on a patio or merely out in the backyard, it’s sure to add a touch of class to the environment.

It’s made specifically to hold up to the elements and features not only a steel construction but also a powder coat finish. This fireplace also comes with a spark guard which prevent stray sparks from launching out of the fire, and it has scuff protects on the pads of its legs to prevent it from marring your deck or patio.

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