Top 10 Best Wood Burning Stoves of 2021 – Reviews


Although wood-burning stoves fell out of vogue with the invention of other heating methods, many people are returning to them. That’s because these stoves offer some unique benefits. They are more eco-friendly, heat the surrounding area quite well and are economical to run as well. In fact, if your land already has wood on it that you can harvest, then they are basically cost-free to run.

Not all wood burning stoves are created equally, however. There are some truly exceptional models available, and there are some mediocre models. And not all of the models currently available may be suitable for your particular heating needs, so it’s important to have a nice selection to pick from. With that in mind, we’ve listed some of the models that we currently feel are the best ones available.

Best Wood Burning Stoves, Reviews

#10 Affirm Global EZY Stove

Affirm Global EZY Stove

Weighing only 6-pounds and designed for at least 10-years of usage, this camping wood burning stove is ideal for hikers, campers or anyone else who loves to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors. This product is a more efficient and practical method for outdoor cooking than using an open fire.

In fact, it consumes up to 40% less wood than an open fire pit. It’s extremely easy to assemble and is constructed of high-quality materials that hold up to the environment well. This product’s exterior has a powder-coating that’s heat-resistant, and its fuel shoot is manufactured with stainless steel.

#9 Vogelzang Colonial Stove TR004

Vogelzang TR004 Colonial Wood Stove

This colonial-style wood stove is approximately 31-inches by 44-inches and has a cast-iron feed door that’s 16.5-inches by 9-inches. This feed door is equipped with a ceramic glass window that allows the fire to be viewed quite nicely.

This stove can burn up to 8-hours with just one fueling of wood, and it’s made from heavy-gauge 3/16th-inch reinforced plate steel and has a firebrick lining to hold up to the high temperatures it produces. It has a rating of 69,600 BTU and an efficiency rating of 75-percent. This allows it to heat up to 1,800 square feet of a house quite easily.

#8 US Stove Barrel Stove Kit

US Stove Barrel Stove Kit

Although the cast iron barrel that’s needed to create a fully functioning barrel stove isn’t included with this kit, it does have everything else a person needs to create one of these stoves for their cabin, workshop or barn. It contains the flue collar and damper, all of the mounting hardware, and the legs needed to turn your cast iron barrel into a barrel stove.

All the user has to do is find and purchase the 36-gallon or 55-gallon drum needed to make one of these stoves, and they’re ready to go. Once the barrel is sourced, however, everything is quite easy to put together and makes for a great stove.

#7 EcoZoom Dura Rocket Survival Stove

EcoZoom Dura Rocket Survival Stove

This versatile rocket stove can use either wood or solid biomass as its fuel source, and it has a small compact design that allows it to be used anywhere. This combination of features means that it’s great for hikers, campers or anyone else who needs an outdoor wood stove. It’s also a great tool for the survivalist or for anyone else who wants to remain prepared for emergencies.

This stove only weighs 17-pounds, so it’s great for virtually any off-grid activity. And with only a few sticks of wood or a little bit of solid biomass, this stove is capable of generating 23,000 BTU of energy–enough to cook an entire meal.

#6 BioLite Basecamp Stove

BioLite Basecamp Stove

Of the many wood burning stoves we’ve looked at, this is probably one of the most unique and innovative ones available. Not only is it portable and holds enough fuel to generate plenty of heat, but it also comes with a charging system that can convert excess heat from the fire and store it for later.

It has a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery that’s charged by this system, and it comes with an LED dashboard that shows the power generation and battery levels. It also has a fan in the bottom of it that are powered by this lithium-ion battery, which adds air to the fire to make it more efficient.

#5 Stovetec Big Foot Stove

Stovetec Big Foot Stove

This stove is only 11-inches by 12.5-inches, so it’s best listed as an emergency stove than one that’s suitable for long-term use. However, when used as a wood burning stove it works exceptionally well. It’s easy-to-use, has a quality combustion chamber door and is safe to use.

Designed only for outdoor use, this stove is suitable for campers, hikers or survivalist who are looking for a quality way to cook dinner. This product includes a fuel shelf and a thick cast iron stove top with support for up to 6 pots. It also has heat-resistant handles made of both steel and plastic.

#4 Guide Gear Outdoor Stove

Guide Gear Outdoor Stove

This stove is built for outdoor use only but does an exceptional job of providing a valuable outdoor cooking surface and can be used for everything from making coffee to making ham and eggs. It’s made out of galvanized steel that’s been applied with a heat-resistant black finish. Its firebox has a thickness of 2mm, and its pipe thickness is 1.8mm with a diameter of 3.375-inches.

This product’s firebox is 11.75-inches wide, 10.75-inches high and has a depth of 16.25-inches. Its door opening is approximately 8-inches by 10-inches, and the whole unit weighs approximately 47-pounds. This unit also makes a great camp stove when used with proper ventilation.

#3 Camp Chef Alpine Cabin Stove

Camp Chef Alpine Cabin Stove

With some wood burning stoves, the consumer is tasked with buying all of the accessories they need to operate the stove. This isn’t the case with the Camp Chef Alpine. This heavy-duty camp tent stove has everything needed for it to operate. It has adjustable legs, water tank brackets, a 5-inch chimney pipe, and a drying rack.

Most of these parts store conveniently inside the stove, so it can be easily transported when necessary. And for added convenience, the pipe damper’s hole has already been predrilled at the factory. All of which makes it a stove that’s capable of making any camp seem more like home.

#2 Ohuhu Camping Stove

Ohuhu Camping Stove

It doesn’t matter where you’re camping this small camping stove is capable of providing a great cooking flame. It’s a wood burning stove that’s capable of using twigs, leaves, pinecones or even solidified alcohol as a fuel source, so it’s possible to have a fire virtually anywhere.

It has a three-arm support base that keeps it stable on all ground surfaces, and it’s resistant to being knocked over by the wind. It’s made out of stainless steel, so it’s extremely durable and is designed to provide years of faithful service. And it’s compact design means it can be toted anywhere in a backpack or bag.

#1 EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove

EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove

This high-quality stove is ideal for camping, glamping, RV camping or for emergency preparedness. It’s capable of not only burning wood but can also burn charcoal or biomass fuels, too. Since it can generate fire using anything from twigs and branches to leaves, it’s the ultimate preparedness tool that can be used for emergency situations.

It’s capable of directing heat directly to the bottom of the cookware, so food cooks quickly and efficiently. And because it only weighs 17-pounds, it can be taken just about anywhere quickly and easily. All of this adds up to this being one of the best portable wood stoves available.


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