Top 10 Best Wood Pellet Stoves of 2020 – Reviews


People buy wood pellet stoves for a variety of reason, but the main one is because these stoves are very economical and can provide heat at the fraction of the cost of other heating methods. Another reason these appliances are becoming more popular is that their wood pellets are considered to be a green product. They’re made from sawdust, corn husks and other natural materials that would otherwise be dumped right into a landfill. And since they burn more efficiently than wood, they also don’t produce as many pollutants.

That’s not to say that there aren’t differences between different brands or models of wood burning pellet stoves. As is usually the case, there are some models which seem to over-perform and other models that could do a better job. To separate the great models from the ones which are merely so-so, we’ve decided to review the ten best models available.

Best Wood Pellet Stoves, Reviews

#10 Pelpro PP60 35,000 BTU Stove

Pelpro PP60 35000 BTU Stove

What’s great about the PP60 wood pellet stove is that it’s capable of providing a good amount of heat and do it very economically. How economically? Well, it has a 60-pound hopper for holding pellets, and when this hopper is filled, it’s capable of producing up to 40-hours of continuous heat.

This stove is 22-inches wide, 33-inches deep and 22-inches high stove, and is capable of heating up to 1,750 square feet. It also has an automatic hopper that doesn’t require a lot of user intervention. Another handy feature is that it has a single dial that allows the operator to adjust their heat according to their preferences.

#9 Breckwell P4000 Classic Cast

Breckwell P4000 Classic Cast

When you look at the Breckwell P4000 Classic Cast Stove, it’s very easy to mistake it for your grandmother’s stove. That’s because it’s designed is modeled after some of the antique wood burning stoves that were used by previous generations. A great classic design isn’t all that this stove is capable of delivering to a person’s home, however.

It can also be used as a magnificent source of heat. It holds 50-pounds of wood pellets, which are capable of delivering up to 42,000 BTU of heat an hour when they’re burned. And since this stove is cast iron, it’s sure to provide many years of heating to a person’s home.

#8 Castle Serenity Stove With Smart Controller

Castle Serenity Stove With Smart Controller

The Castle Serenity is a stove that seems like it was specially designed for hands-on homeowners and DIY enthusiasts who like to hook up their own equipment. It doesn’t require the extensive assembly that other pellet stoves require and it is easy to install with just a few tools and a little bit of work.

Once installed, this stove is capable of delivering the heat a person needs to heat a small home or a large room. It’s capable of heating up to 1,500 square feet and do it with a thermal efficiency of approximately 69%. All of which makes it a simple, easy-to-use stove that’s also very affordable.

#7 Summer’s Heat SHP10 Stove

Summer's Heat SHP10 Stove

The last thing anyone wants to do during cold weather is to try to go out and split firewood for their stove. Fortunately, with this stove, these people don’t have to go out into the cold as long as they have a good amount of pellets to burn. This stove can hold up to 40-pounds of pellets, which is enough to provide heat for up to 20-hours.

It’s easy to load and is equipped with a one-touch ignition system and a digital control panel that gives the operator complete control over the stove’s temperature and blower speed. All of which makes this stove a good one to own during the next polar vortex.

#6 US Stove 5660 Bay-Front Stove

US Stove 5660 Bay-Front Stove

Not only is this appliance a fully automatic wood pellet stove, but it also has a cool design that allows it to look good in virtually anyone’s home. It has easy-to-use electronic controls and an automatic ignition system that allows the operator to use according to their lifestyle. It has six different heat setting and a 120 cubic-foot-per-minute blow that allows for heat to be adequately circulated around the home.

It also has an LED display that makes it extremely easy to set and use. Although all of those features are great, what’s really nice about this stove is its bay front window which allows the homeowner to watch it burn pellets. It’s almost like watching a fireplace.

#5 Pleasant Hearth 50,000 BTU Stove

Pleasant Hearth 50000 BTU Stove

This Epa approved high-efficiency stove is large enough to not only provide supplemental heating to a home, but it’s large enough to heat many good-size homes. It’s capable of producing a whopping 50,000 BTU of heat an hour, which is enough to heat a home up to 2,200 square feet in size.

This appliance is equipped with a comfort control system that is easy to set by the operator and works automatically to maintain a proper heating level. And since it can hold up to 80-pounds of wood pellets, this appliance is capable of delivering up to 46-hours on non-stop heating power.

#4 US Stove GW1949 Non-Electric Pellet Stove

US Stove GW1949 Non-Electric Pellet Stove

The problem with some stoves that burn wood pellets is that they also need a source of electricity to operate the ignitor of the pellet feed system. This stove is a little bit different, however. It’s capable of working entirely without electricity thanks to its gravity feed system that removes mechanical parts from the equation and allows the operator to heat their home, even when electricity isn’t available.

This also means that less maintenance is needed for this system and it’s less likely to break down. This stove can produce up to 40,000 BTU of heat and has a 60-pound hopper that allows for up to 36-hours of use.

#3 Pleasant Hearth 35,000 BTU Stove

Pleasant Hearth 35000 BTU Stove

Capable of providing supplemental or primary heating for a home up to 1,750 square feet in size, this 35,000 BTU pellet burning stove is ready to warm even the coldest of winters. It has a hopper that holds up to 40-pounds of pellets and can provide up to 24-hours of heating time.

This stove also has five different heat settings which allow the operator to choose a setting that’s comfortable for them. Another key feature found on this stove is that it has an auto-light ignition that lights the pellets quickly, so it can heat up the homeowners home quickly.

#2 Solomark Nextstep Serenity Stove

Solomark Nextstep Serenity Stove

This pellet burning stove has a uniquely modern design and a low profile that makes it a welcome appliance in any home. It’s approximately 20 by 28.5 by 18.25-inches in size and weighs around 143-pounds. It’s equipped with fully automatic ignition and electronic controls that allow the user to control the stove quite easily with just a push of a button.

Although it’s designed for smaller areas and is only capable of heating up to 640 square feet of a home, it burns with an efficiency rating 86.5%, which makes it an affordable supplemental heating solution for many different people.

#1 Comfortbilt HP22 50,000 BTU Stove

Comfortbilt HP22 50000 BTU Stove

Anyone looking for a wood pellet stove capable of providing primary or supplemental heating for a home up to 2,800 square feet may want to look at this particular stove model. It’s equipped with a 55-pound pellet hopper, has an auto-ignition system and thermostat, and it comes with a fully-functional ash pan for easy cleanup.

The most important feature about this stove, however, is that it provides up to 50,000 BTU of heating power that it can distribute efficiently thanks to its large blower. This stove also features a large view window and is certified by the EPA for efficiency. It’s no wonder so many people have enjoyed using this model to heat their homes.

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