Top 10 Best Fireplace Inserts of 2021 – Reviews


Fireplace inserts can and do serve a variety of purposes. Although some of them are merely decorative, there are others which can either produce heat or flame. All the homeowner has to do is find the one that suits their needs, and they can add the beauty and functionality of these inserts right into their home. After all, few things bring together a room like a fireplace with a nice looking insert in it.

Of course, finding the right insert for your fireplace isn’t an easy task. Not only do you have to find the one that’s designed for your type of fireplace, but you also have to find on that has the particular features you need it to have. And with so many models available, that can be a real challenge. However, we solved the problem by listing the top ten best fireplace inserts currently manufactured.

Best Fireplace Inserts, Reviews

#10 Regal Flame Ceramic Fireplace Logs

Regal Flame Ceramic Fireplace Logs

This quality fireplace insert is designed for any household who feels like their fireplace is looking a little bare. It can be used for just about any fireplace currently available, including ventless models, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and natural gas or electric fireplaces.

This 18-piece set of ceramic wood logs doesn’t release toxic fume like some lower quality fireplace logs tend to do and they produce an effect that’s extremely realistic. Each set consists of 12 ceramic logs and 6 pine cones. They’re also extremely versatile and can be used with other fireplace accessories including lava rocks, and even firelogs.

#9 Sure Heat Vented Gas Log Set

Sure Heat Burnt River Oak 18-Inch Set

A natural looking fireplace fire is never too far off when this highly detailed set is used. This set consists of hand-painted cement logs that are stacked on a tiered grate and is designed to recreate the look of a fire in your fireplace. This product also features a U-shaped dual burner with high-performance embers that glow brightly.

This insert can’t be used in all fireplaces because it requires an open flue and a fireplace that’s at least 28-inches wide by 15-inches. This vented unit’s specs include 50,000 BTU’s with 12% efficiency. It comes with the pan, grate shale, and all the connection hardware required.

#8 Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Set

Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Set

Almost any traditional fireplace can be converted to an electric fireplace by using this convenient infrared quartz heater that can provide up to 5,200 BTU of supplemental zone heating. This means that is can provide supplemental zone heating for homes up to 1,000 square feet in size.

This heating is accompanied by flame effects that make it look like the fireplace has a fire in it. Of course, these flame effects can be operated with or without using the heat feature. And finally, since this unit uses an infrared quartz heater, it won’t pull the natural humidity out of the air, thereby keeping the room nice and comfortable.

#7 Classic Flame Traditional Insert

Classic Flame Traditional Insert

This built-in fireplace insert is perfect for modern homes and produces quite an impressive effect. This insert can produce flame effects that look quite realistic and can be adjusted in color with the unit’s multifunction remote. The flame effects can be used by themselves or can be paired with heat from its built-in heater.

This heater can produce up to 4,400 BTU, which can provide supplemental heating easily for up to 400 square feet of the home. Another great feature found on this insert is an electric timer function that allows the user to set a timed shut off between 30-minutes and 9-hours.

#6 Valuxhome Electric Insert

Valuxhome Electric Insert

Not only does this fireplace insert produce a very realistic fire effect but it’s also equipped with heat capabilities. This unit has realistic brick panels, and it produces very realistic flames that sound and dance like a real blazing fire. This unit also has 3 different color options and can provide full-heat, half-heat or no heat flame effects so the unit can be used all year round.

This unit also has a built-in temperature limiting control that turns the unit off when it has achieved an unsafe heat level. Its built-in log speaker produces the sound of a crackling fire, too and this effect really makes this unit feel like a real fire.

#5 Duraflame Electric Insert With Heater

Duraflame Electric Insert With Heater

This electric insert not only looks nice thanks to its LED effects, but it can also heat up a room up to 400 square feet in size. That’s because it has a 1,400-watt heater in it that can produce up to 4,600 BTU of heat an hour. This insert can also be operated without the heat, and with just the glowing LED effects.

The flame effects can be set to pulsate or rolling, and the insert is extremely easy to set up. All the user has to do is to plug it into any standard outlet and it’s ready to go. The best part about this insert, however, is that it doesn’t require any additional hookups, and doesn’t require a vent to operate

#4 Dimplex Fireplace Deluxe Insert

Dimplex Fireplace Deluxe Insert

This product allows the homeowner to reclaim the functionality of their unused fireplace and is capable of not only producing a realistic flame effect but is also capable of producing heat. This unit has handcrafted logs that look extremely realistic, especially when their embers begin to glow. This unit also has several different heat options with include no-heat, half-heat, and even full-heat.

This allows this 1,375-Watt electric insert to be used all year round. And since it comes with its own remote control, this unit is also extremely easy to operate, even from your favorite recliner or loveseat. It’s a great way to add ambiance to a room.

#3 PuraFlame 33-Inch Western Electric Insert

PuraFlame 33-Inch Western Electric Insert

Realistic flame effects, a convenient to use remote control and an adjustable thermostat all come together in this high-quality fireplace insert to give the homeowner the style and the comfort they need. It’s manufactured with life-like logs made out of resin and has three different flames that have variable brightness and intensity thanks to LED technology.

This unit can be operated without heat or with heat, depending on the user’s preferences. It can provide heat for up to 400 square feet of a home and is not only easy to install but is also easy to put away when it’s no longer needed.

#3 Pleasant Hearth Natural Wood Log

Pleasant Hearth Natural Wood Log

These electric fireplace logs can revamp just about any unused fireplace. This unit is made with real American Birch logs and is equipped with a randomly glowing ember bed that helps to simulate a real glowing fire. This fireplace insert can easily be plugged into any standard 120-Volt outlet, and it produces a real fire crackling sound that adds to its authenticity.

And unlike other fireplace inserts currently available, this one is a very inexpensive model that will fit into almost anyone’s budget. Now just about anyone can enjoy the beauty and the comfort of a fire and do it without the hassle or upkeep of a real burning fire

#1 Ashley Furniture Large Insert

Ashley Furniture Large Insert

A fireplace insert doesn’t always have to be placed in an old fireplace, and this model from Ashley Furniture proves that point quite well. This unit is designed to be inserted into compatible television stands and entertainments center units, so the user can enjoy the beauty of fire while they’re watching television in their living room.

This unit has 6 different preset temperature settings, and its flames can be used easily with or without heat. When used as a heater, this unit is able to heat rooms up to 400 square feet in size quite well. All of this allows this unit to bring comfort to just about any room.


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